User Settings does not display

Good evening, I will use a translator

I’m starting to use Nextcloud on Nethserver, everything went well and I access 192.168.0.x/nextcloud, but when logging in, I don’t find the “Users” option in the top right corner, next to settings, I have access to other settings and to the default profile, but without this “Users” option I cannot create users to insert individually on computers

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Do you have Apps and Administration settings?

If you don’t it might be because this is not a admin account.

Good afternoon, I don’t understand, are you asking to insert these two in the Nethserver software center?

But if not, how do I create an administrator account with full powers, would it be on Nethserver?

Not users configuration

This photo refers to the profile, as you can see there is no Users option, I am using a VM, the account is in LDAP (Nethserver forces you to choose a provider)

Most are default, except what Nethserver requires you to define, I don’t think I know how to create the user as administrator, but I don’t see options for this


This is the menu I need and it doesn’t display for me

Not sure what else they decided for you, they don’t provide information on how the setup differs?

Can you check the config/config.php file?

The settings can be changed that only some or no apps can be installed:

For the users, I don’t know if there are options to hide that point …

I don’t have advanced knowledge, how could I open config/config.php? Could you provide me with the complete directory?

I understand that it is to check at the Nethserver prompt, is that it?

It’s in the main folder of Nextcloud.
If you don’t find it, look for linux tools to search for files on your filesystem.

The only thing I see from the CentOS system is the prompt, I have no reference to open this config

I think my problem with not accessing the profile with more powers is because I can’t change the admin password in Nethserver (Change password option), and I think it’s something with LDAP or AD that is forced to set

On this prompt you have search tools to look for the file, and text editors on the command line to check the content. Or just cat filename prints the content of a file.

Thank you, I found it, these are the data

As a complement, I tested on Nethserver 7.9 by CentOS, I entered Nextcloud through the software center, and the same thing happens, when I create the user on Nethserver, and enter Nextcloud I only have user powers, I can’t find it as an administrator on Nextcloud

The ldapProviderFactory variable is not in the ‘official’ variable list. So your setup might be a bit modified.

To check for some errors, you can got to the logfile, you can see the path in your config.php.

If there is no real error, I’d suspect there is some customization by Nethserver. Perhaps they have some dedicated app and you can find more details on it. There is a install script:
and also this:

I didn’t check out in more detail.

Maybe you can help me in another way, I’m rebuilding a Nextcloud, but the old environment had this layout and it’s the majority of the layouts I find in YouTube guides:

However, when I install from the beginning through the Software Center, the layout is like this, since both are the same version on CentOS 7, are they different environments or is this some obsolete model?