SQL user backend


I just switched to “NextCloud 11” successfully.
But when I want to use the module “SQL user backend”, it is indicated as incompatible with version 11.
So the module does not work with version 11 of Nextcloud?


Hi Michael,

As you can see in our new App Store (https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/user_sql), the user_sql backend is currently only available for Nextcloud 9 and 10 :cry:

I would recommend you for the future to check compatibility, and if the apps you need and rely on are available for the newest Nextcloud version first - before you upgrade.

Unfortunatly, I am not able to say you when - and if this is updated and made compatible with Nextcloud 11 (in the future), since this is a community app, not provided by Nextcloud directly :grin:

After a short research, I think this is the repo of the app: https://www.aboehler.at/hg/user_sql/
… You can contact the developer of this app directly over his homepage: https://www.aboehler.at/doku/doku.php/start - he seems to be not participant of this forum :sweat_smile:

Another community user seemed to have forked the app, to make it compatible with Nextcloud 11 over here: https://github.com/lojewskimarcin/user_sql

Keep in mind, that this might be - and seems to be untested and maybe unstable :grin:



Thanck you for the reponse.


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