Integration with Joomla for authentication?

I have been a happy Joomla user for almost 10 years, since the 1.0 days. It’s a great content system, but its file management is not as good as it could be, even with extensions.

I started using ownCloud with v7, and am now looking to move to Nextcloud. I would LOVE to find a way to integrate Nextcloud with Joomla, so that my users could:

  • Log into Nextcloud using their Joomla credentials
  • Be assigned to groups in Nextcloud, based off their existing group membership in Joomla

In other words, simplify my user management so that by adding them to a group in Joomla, it is reflected in Nextcloud, too, reducing complexity and management overhead.

Is something like this possible, and if so, how would I go about requesting it? I can provide testing environments, if it would help.

Thank you!

Why not ldap?

This allows Joomla to authenticate to an LDAP service, but it does not allow another service to authenticate against Joomla’s own users & groups. If I was starting from scratch, I could set up an LDAP source, but with 10 years and 1,000 users already on the site, moving to a new authentication system would be extremely painful.

Ideally, I would be able to leverage Joomla’s existing setup for Nextcloud to authenticate against.

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Hello, @GJSchaller. I now what you mean and I’m facing now the same need. I have a Joomla website, and I need to integrate the authentication of my NextCloud instance. do you find the solution for that?

No solution yet. I got a lot of responses to use a common external system (LDAP, SSO, etc.) but nothing that lets me authenticate against Joomla itself, and use its member groups for NextCloud security.

how is joomla storing it’s user-database? which one is it? it’s php innit?

so well ya… there could be a solution. but you’d need a database-geek to do the tweaks.

Or use this app:

to get a supported NC version, you can try this fork: (see SQL user backend)