Something fishy in nextcloud office since update to NC.28.1 (no permission document cannot be saved)

nc 28.1
on seperated server (nc | collabora)
wopi list = empty
only groups allowed to use / edit
(might be another problem this could not be reversed and is shown as empty)

system worked flawless until the uptdate to nc 28 and nc 28.1

now not able to work on a file cuz
message appears …

Document can not be saved, check permissions

all work is gone !
!! if you once ingnore the message and klick on save !!
cuz not able to save even afaik there is noother way to save the work on the dokument so far

this occurs after the first (manually) save of the document
worst case after the first interaction in / with the document

any idea how to fix this ?

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solved (kind of heavy testing ahead)

i put

 application/javascript mjs;

because it was simple not there



after that i restarted

systemctl restart php8.2-fpm.service nginx.service

all because


this was not working

# only for Nextcloud like below:

    include mime.types;
    types {
        text/javascript js mjs;

after the restart problem seems to be gone