Some files have not passed Integrity Check

After updating to 10.02 today, i get a warning about some file not passed the Integrity Check. This is Ok, since this are favicon, i have changed in some Apps, to fit a little bit more my needs. Is there some way to exclude this files from the Integrity Check or is there a better way to use my own Favicon for Apps like Calendar as only to copy them in to the folder?

I get similar warning while using the updater function:

! Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:

Then it stops. It is unclear what to do with this message. What is the point with tis extra file?

(updating 10.0.1 to 10.0.2)

in your case, there seems to be a hidden file called “.well-known”. If you are via SSH on the Commandline, you can find them via “ls -la” and delete them via “rm <filename>

Thanks. It worked. It was an empty folder with the name .well-known

There was the same folder in the web-root and with the owncloud install that runs next to nextcloud. I use NGinx. Where do these file come from? Do you know?

I can remember, that there is auch a Line in a example config für nginx. I didnt use this lines myself, since I didnt need them in my Setup. I think you need this lines only with a Apple Client and only if the Client can’t found the Server Folders.

There was (is not anymore) a line in the folder permissions script from the admin manual to create an “assets” folder inside owncloud/nextcloud. This also lead to an update break. As the folder was empty and not used anymore and the script does not contain the line any more, it’s a safe solution to delete the folder “assets” ;).

Also I got some integrity check failures after updating to 10.0.2 and 11.0 for some apps. I just ignore these warnings as they are related to some adjustments in info.xml to make older apps run with NC 11. Would be nice to be able to exclude specific files from the test after analyse, as some apps are really not updated regularly with adjusted version requirements (e.g. OwnNote and Tasks).

If not already done, please report required updates of the info.xml to the app developers.

Currently you can only disable the warnings of the code checker completely. On productive systems there shouldn’t be any requirement to manually modify files.

Is it possible to use modifications like a other favicon (for Apps) with some other way? Maybe if i develop my own theme? Will a custom theme support custom favicons for Apps?