Brand new installations: Failed integrity check

I’ve just moments ago setup two 10.0.2 instances on a Ubuntu server from the latest 10.0.2 zip.
Installation goes through fine, however I’m now left – already – with integrity issues on both servers:

Technical information
The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix

- core
	- .htaccess
	- .user.ini

Raw output
    [core] => Array
            [INVALID_HASH] => Array
                    [.htaccess] => Array
                            [expected] =>     ab5f4c44ba2f9c66f2ed25c3ad3d84660b2808cca11ffa8fe2778a648a054d8ada495a0bf4715dc873aac1efe8dfd92a72f9a24441d8f5240834e639325fd892
                            [current] =>     cf83e1357eefb8bdf1542850d66d8007d620e4050b5715dc83f4a921d36ce9ce47d0d13c5d85f2b0ff8318d2877eec2f63b931bd47417a81a538327af927da3e


            [FILE_MISSING] => Array
                    [.user.ini] => Array
                            [expected] =>     0a557e3cdca4c2e3675deed761d79d109011dcdebbd9c7f6429f1d3476938ec95729543d7384651d1d0c48e26c5024cc5f517445920915a704ea748bdb903c5f
                            [current] => 




Integrity checking appears to be a recent issue:

However all of these are upgrades, not fresh installs. Why is it complaining of missing files and wrong hashes on my brand new installations?

Once again, me not properly copying everything from nextcloud to the final destination resulted in the integrity issues.

For those who come across this, either double check the hidden files are there after a cp, or use rsync:

sudo rsync -avP /path/to/nextcloud/ /final/destination/

Ensure the trailing slashes (those on the end) are used, then everything including the hidden (.) files will copy across.

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