[SOLVED] Windows Desktop Client Sync: Could not update metadata due to invalid modification time

Dear nextcloud community,
a few days ago, my windows desktop sync stopped working after working like a charm for months. It is user specific, the other users do not have any problems when synchronizing with their clients.

From my ~100000 files, i get the error “could not update metadata due to invalid modification time: 0” about 40 000x (see image)

Does anyone have a solution for this issue? I tried to uninstall the clients from all pc’s and phones, including the appdata-files. When reinstalling, I always get the same problem again. Also the same when i try to install it on a fresh machine.

Thanks a lot in advance!



EDIT: Installed client version 3.3.6, everything works fine again.

I had the same issue with using client version 3.4.1.
Solved it by downgrading to 3.3.6


We had the same issue. I created a script that resolved the modification issue on the backend doing the following.

Same problems here. The problem started after 3.4.0 update. Currently there is hundreds deletet files in trash, and some of there seems to be unable to restore, because invalid modified time for …