[SOLVED] Reset admin password in Rainloop


I set the the Rainloop app up yesterday, where I changed the admin password. I saved the admin password in my local password manager, which password file has been corrupt (I only take weekly backups…). So now I can’t remember the admin password for Rainloop.

I have tried to reinstall the app and has also been looking through the application folder for Rainloop in hope of finding the application.ini file to change the password, but without luck.

Any help to reset the password will be greatly appreciated.

I had installed Nextcloud with YunoHost, and when looking in the config for the data directory I saw it were in /home/yunohost.app/nextcloud/data/rainloop-storage, so now I’ve found the config and reset the password in application.ini.

Doing this does not work for me, Synology NAS (no docker) NextCloud Hub v20