[SOLVED] Regular expression for tagging newly created files/folders in all subfolders


I’m struggling a lot to find the correct regular expression to set up in files-automatedtagging a a flow that would tag any new file and/or folder created in any existing subfolders of a home based folder (that could be a group folder) with a specific tag.

Resource is a folder in my home folder.
In this folder, there’re a number of subfolders, let’s say Digital and Architecture.

What I need to do is whenever I create a file or subfolder in Resource/Digital or Resource/Architecture a tag needApprov is automatically associated to this file or subfolder.

So far, I’ve been trying a lot of regular expressions, testing them on regex101.com, but with no success in the flow, such as \/Resource\/.*\/.+$/i or even /.\/Resource\/.*\/.+$/i.

Nothing works. Some help would be appreciated.

I think I get a workaround, following what I found here.

So… I tagged all the subfolders in Resource with a “Moderated” tag and set up a workflow as follows:
File system tagis tagged with Moderated (invisible) → tag the file with to moderate.

And it works.

By the way, the translation in french of File system tag, which currently is Etiquette collaborative du fichier is just ununderstandable! :sob:
Reverse translated it would be Collaborative file tag. Do you feel like it’s the same? Not at all!

Etiquette du système de fichier would be a literal translation, but even this is not as precise as the english version and Etiquette du file system or even Etiquette du fichier/dossier (file/folder tag) would even be more understandable.

Yes I know, I can contribute to the french translation, but I’m doing it here and there and I can’t be everywhere. Sorry.

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