[SOLVED] Multiple folder sync across drives


NM: Figure it out… coming from seafile, i got a bit confused but the idea of creating multiple folders on server for this is a bit convoluted IMHO…

I have tried the suggestion here [Solved] How to sync multiple folders to NextCloud from desktop? but i still am unable to sync folders on my Windows 10 PC across multiple local drives

here are the screen shots that i did after i removed the current configured root folder. I’m unable to add anything other than one folder, d:\users\yodaphone\documents in my case. i want to sync other folders in d:\ & c:\ but i get the message that i cannot do it

I’ve got the same problem. Can you post your solution?



  1. You have to create different Folders on Nextcloud server to sync multiple folders across drives OR Folder and then sync.

  2. Click on the three dots and remove the default sync folder. Then the “Add folder”-button is active and you can define several sync points on your system.

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This will just make a copy of a dir into the Nextcloud/ folder right? and then will the file be on you harddrive two x2 right?