[Solved] How to sync multiple folders to NextCloud from desktop?


I got a bit confused because I do not see a straightforward way to do this.

For example, I have multiple folders like “D:\Documents”, “E:\Photos” on my Windows machine and I want to start syncing them with NextCloud. Effectively, I want to have up-to-date backups on the cloud.

How to achieve this?

Nextcloud is not a backup solution. It’s for syncing files (if you delete or change a file, this change is carried out on the server and all clients as well).

Click on the three dots and remove the default sync folder. Then the “Add folder”-button is active and you can define several sync points on your system.


It worked, thanks!

Having the data replicated and available in the cloud serves as some kind of backup in my eyes.

Thanks again.

i also wanted to do this & i’m unable to see the option for multiple sync points

I clicked on the 3 dots, & “removed folder sync connection”

i click on Add Folder Sync Connection & i’m only able to add a root folder.

what am i doing wrong? i want to sync multiple drives/folders

NM: Figured it out.

You have to create different Folders on Nextcloud server to sync multiple folders across drives OR Folder & then sync.

I think the implementation by seafile is much better as i can add any folder to my root without creating these folders in server.