[solved] Is there any *free* software to mount NC-Webdav for Windows 10?


I am currently not able to mount webdav in Windows due to restrictions in TLS. I guess that I am facing the same issue that is described here
Is there any free tool that could help me mounting the NC-Webdav in Win-Explorer?

Does Cyberduck not work? When I read that, it looked like Windows Explorer only supports TLS 1.0? Which I don’t recommend using. You might be stuck with using 3rd party software

Cyberduck works fine.

Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:
I am aware of Cyberduck. It works pretty well. Still, what I am looking for is the possibility to mount the Nextcloud folders as drives (like n:/). This worked natively in Win10 + NC10 (AFAIK). There is a tool called mountainduck.io that does what I am looking for, but it cost $39. Not sure if I should buy this tool.

Old thread…
Just stumbled into this old thread of mine. Closing it, as I use the “map network drive” function in MS-Win to access my NC-files. This works okish. Sometimes I have to re-establish a connection by retyping the URL but this is ok.

Did you try to change a dword in regedit who will let you use webdav in HTTP ?

Do a google search :
Windows regedit webdav HTTP

From an update of windows 7, you won’t be able to connect webdav without good cert, except if you modify your registry

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greetings. a bit of a late response, but i’d recently been going through the same thing and i found an awesome solution.

RaiDrive https://www.raidrive.com/

maps drives to a whole bunch of different cloud vendors. it supports WebDAV and works great with windows 10.

price = free. i have no association to this company. i just found the product and it works really well.

cheers, wizdude.

The best I have found is rclone. You will need winfsp and, optionally, nssm (if you want to mount via a service). It is pretty straight forward and all of the needed software is free. If you need help with setting it up, I can guide you.

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hey there
I want to replace raidrive with rclone but somehow the performance isn’t as good especially when just browsing the files new directories load forever and a few minutes later they load forever again…

so… can you share your rclone settings?