Softaculous tried an unsupported upgrade, how do I fix?

The issue you are facing:

I’m a novice.

I tried to use Softaculous to upgrade a Nextcloud installation. I got the “Updates between multiple major versions are unsupported” error.

Now I am trying to follow the instructions there, manually upgrading every step between the old version and the new version so that my installation is not broken.

But how can I figure out what my old version was? Looking at version.php shows

$OC_Version = array(23,0,0,10);
$OC_VersionString = '23.0.0';

which is the version I was trying to upgrade to.

I can’t do the multiple manual upgrades if I don’t know which ones to perform. Also, will this have messed up my database?

Separately, is there any way for Nextcloud to stop Softaculous from breaking Nextcloud in this way? Especially since you don’t know the error will appear until after you have clicked “upgrade”, and there’s no opportunity to back out, and the instructions for manually fixing it are difficult to follow for someone who’s using a one-click installer! :sweat_smile:

Welp, I just had to revert to a backup and try again, following the manual-upgrade instructions in the OP link. Now Softaculous seems to have become decoupled from the actual installation (it shows the wrong version number), so I’ll just do manual updates from now on.