Snap update with Ubuntu Server 18.04LTS

Hello I installed Ubuntu Server during the installation Ubuntu purpose dme to install Nextcloud
(using SNAP) I agreed however this is Nextcloud 16.0.8 I tried to update, but I got message saying that all my snap package are up to date.

So I can probably get it from another repository ?
Or anyway to update this SNAP ?

(PS: I never used SNAP before so this concept is new to me).

Have you seen the section about release-channels in the wiki of Nextcloud snap?

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Thanks I didn’t saw it,
So I understand Nextcloud 17 is not yet available as a stable Snap.

So I guess SNAP is easy for user but ask more work for the dev.
I will try to learn more about SNAP feature.

How timely Nextcloud 18 snap, when can we expect it?

Given that neither 17 nor 18 made it to stable channel in snaps, I wonder if Nextcloud team is still officially supporting this distribution channel.

I hope they continue to support it, but I also wonder why 17 is not yet available.