Single user access to specific folder in group folder

I created users, grouped them, created group folders and sub-folders. All works fine. I have one user that is supposed to see only one sub-folder in one group. I saw the possibility to share with his email address. Is there another way through settings to just set the allowed sub-folder?

You can not only share with email but also with real user in your next cloud, guest user in your nextcloud and ferderated sharing with user from another nextcloud.

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Thank you for your kind response. I was probably not clear. I am aware of the mentioned possibilities of sharing. I do not need these with users of the same group. The question was rather how do I grant one user access to a specific sub-folder without using the fork?

For example: I have a group folder Projects. This folder has one subfolder for each client. While my staff has access to all subfolders via group membership, it seems that I cannot create a “group” for a subfolder. Like I said, I am aware of being able to use the fork in order to share. I just prefer to manage all users in one place.

Perhaps you can read.

I do not know if it possible to use other groups in group shares. Perhaps you must use different group folders.

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