Show Thumbnails for Videos

In my case (Fedora) it required to run the following commands:

dnf -y install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
dnf -y install ffmpeg

Please add this to the documentation guys. @j-ed @LukasReschke

Apologies for the necropost, but my question is sort of an extension to this one, so it seemed fitting.

Now that I’m able to show previews for the files by adding the config, is there some way to discern that they’re videos from the list?

When in tile mode you can’t tell which is an image and which is a video. Is there some way, perhaps an imagemagick overlay on the thumbnail that just denotes what it is? i.e. on a .mpg thumbnail have a small text on the bottom right corner of the thumb saying “.mpg”, or even just a “filmstrip” icon, or something … anything?

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Or even just a “play button” arrow type of icon overlay … something.

Anyone out there in forum-land? :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks, it works

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Hi, thanks for your help . I wonder if you can provide me with the line of code to specify FFmpeg path in the PHP-fpm config file. thank you

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Ok I hope this will help those who are having issue getting the thumbnail working for docker version of nextcloud.

I installed docker image from here:

The config file to edit is located in: “/{path you installed nextcloud}/appdata/www/nextcloud/config.php”
** refer to your docker-compose file under volumes for /config **

Edit the config.php file and add to the ending before the last line. The last line should be “);”

Add these:

‘enable_previews’ => true,
‘enabledPreviewProviders’ =>
array (

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If the nextcloud running in docker, you may need to install ffmpeg in that container

Sorry for replying to such an old post, but…
I just pulled ffmpeg into my image and the package + dependencies added an extra 326mb. Possibly why they don’t include it by default?