Sharing folders and subfolders

Hello Nextcloud forum. I have recently migrated from Owncloud to Nextcloud. I currently have NC 10.0.1 running on Ubuntu 16.04 Server LTS. I rebuilt the server from scratch and installed NC then restored my backed up data so I have a clean install.

Everything is working except that when I try to share a folder the subfolders are not also shared. I did a search and found this post which states that the subfolders should also be shared automatically which is what happened OC and what I was expecting to happen here. Any ideas as to why the share isn’t happening recursively?


So, I logged in this morning and all the shares are working as they should.

I am experiencing the same problem, 2 days in a row. When I create subfolders, they do not inherit the sharing permissions of the parent folder.

Please create a new topic in the support category, filling out all the relevant details you can :slight_smile: