Share folders - recursively?

I want to have one folder A shared with a friend, Folder A contains three folders B, C & D.

If I create a fourth folder E, do I need to set the share button for E separately? Or is this done automatically recursive, as A is already shared.

After A has been shared, I would like to create some new documents. Are they shared automatically, although they have been created, after the sharing has been set?

Thank you for any help!

Yep. Any file/folder below a shared folder is automatically shared.

share rights also apply when you move a file into a shared folder:

If your friend have the rights, he can move out a file from your shared folder and be the new owner.

Hi all. Found this Thread when searching, and now I’m a little confused: This thread, even from 2016, says sharing recursively should be possible, in fact should be the default.

On my own Nextcloud instance (13.0.2 stable, running on OpenSuse 42.3) I’ve created a folder, shared by Link/URL, not internal NC users. Wanted to share photos with friends which are not users of my NC, keep it as simple as possible. Created a subdir, while logged in as my own user, below the URL-shared folder.

Just checked: This new folder is *** NOT *** visible when accessing NC via the URL/Link share.

Q: (New) bug? or works as to be expected for URL/link shared shares, are they treated different than (internal/NC) user-based shares?

My mistake: I’ve set the share option to “File drop (upload only)”, EXPECTING that this means drop/upload AND SEE, without the ability to delete files, own and other’s.

Seems to be a wrong expectation, using this option no one seems to see any files after they’ve been uploaded, strange feature :wink: