Shared Folders from External Storage Disappeared

Last Friday I updated from NC13 to NC14.03 to find that my users are missing shared folders. Specifically, I have an admin user which has external access to a NAS and shares that access to other NC users. It seems after the update the admin user does not show those folders as being shared any longer but is able to access the external storage. The rest of the NC users no longer see the folders when they login to the website, but if they access their files from WebDAV they can see the previously shared folders (though they are empty). It also seems they cannot delete those previously shared folders either since they were shared with read only privileges. In testing, if I attempt to reshare the external storage folders they come up with the suffix (2) appended to the end.

Frustrated, I put the instance of NC into maintenance mode and left for the weekend. I have nearly 100GB of data in those folders so resyncing would be a big issue. How can I repair the original file shares without having to reshare all 100GB of data? Many of my clients don’t have an extra 100GB of space to redownload all that data again so if it isn’t possible I’m going to have to recall a fleet of laptops.

When I did the upgrade from NC13 to NC14 it did a database backup. Would I be able to restore that backup in NC14 or will I need to downgrade to NC13 before restoring that backup?