Shared file read-only permission, unable to play videos and view images

I am using Docker installation, version Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.7). I have found an issue where when I share a file with read-only permissions, it will not be able to play videos online and images cannot be viewed online. Permission must be added to allow downloading, and both videos and images can be played and viewed normally.

I can’t say much about the error. But actually hiding the download makes no sense. The files can still be downloaded. You just have to append /download to the share. However, this is not a Nextcloud problem, but a general problem when files are provided on the client side.

Your answer is incorrect. Hiding downloads is completely meaningful. The reason why you think these files can still be downloaded after hiding downloads is due to another bug.

When sharing a file for the first time, choose custom permissions and only select read. After pressing confirm, the system will actually select allow download for you by default. You can click share again to view the sharing rules you just set, and you will find that allow download is checked. You need to remove the allow download check again, click confirm share, and at this point, the file will truly not be allowed to download, and the file will become read-only permission. There will be issues with my article where I am unable to play videos and view images.

The significance of not allowing downloads is that, combined with the OnlyOffice plugin, users can only view the content in the document and cannot download the document locally, which is very necessary.

1.) Video with download:
autoplaying, download on the top right

2.) Video without download:
autoplaying, download is not on the top right
Download same Video, add /download to the link

You can only hide the download but not prevent it.

Testvideo “mov_bbb.mp4” is Big Buck Bunny (Wikipedia)

Are you sure we are using the same version?

Please take a look at my presentation,Only select Read Only

Allow downloading is checked by default.

I will uncheck it again

Unable to watch video

But I found a download button in the upper right corner, when I clicked on it.

Unable to download files from the website.

According to your method, try adding/download at the end of the shared file connection

He is indeed unable to download.

We talked past each other a little. The extension /download refers to public links of the syntax https://cloud.server.tld/s/abcdefghijklmno, i.e. https://cloud.server.tld/s/abcdefghijklmno/download. Your link e.g. https://cloud.server.tld/f/12345 is an internal link for registered users.

I think something is fundamentally wrong with videos. But if it works with “allow download”, then you can allow it, because the ban has no security advantage. It only stops users from downloading who don’t know that hiding the download is pointless.

You set up a shared link, while I set it up for certain users to share and for certain users to share. Can you test the bug I mentioned above.

I looked again. The URLs you specified are not suitable for downloads. The URL https://cloud.server.tld/remote.php/dav/files/username/file.mp4 is used at the end. You can see it with mouse over.

It seems to me that your Nextcloud generally can’t play that type of video. What about the example videos from Nextcloud, i.e. “Nextcloud intro.mp4”? Can you test other video formats?

Nextcloud intro.mp4 is a video generated by Nextcloud itself and can be played 100%. What I mean is that you cannot use open sharing links. Please share with a certain user or user group and verify the bug I mentioned above.

I have tested it on my private Nextcloud 28.0.3. I used the file mov_bbb.mp4. With one user i shared it to another user (read only) on my private Nextcloud (not the Nextcloud for download below). It works for me.

(download) (Big Bug Bunny at Wikipedia)

Can you test it with this file?

I can open and download mov’bbb.mp4, but I cannot open Big Bug Bunny at Wikipedia.

My version is Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.7)

It’s not about the website. I only mentioned it to show that it is a free movie. It is only about the problem you described. Can you reproduce the problem with this video or does the software work differently? Can you see the film directly in your Nextcloud? Upload the mp4 to your Nextlcoud. Can you watch the film with your user? Can another user see the shared film with only read access? I want to rule out errors with the video type.

Nextcloud intro.mp4 can be played normally under my admin user, and now I am sharing it with the user.

According to this setting, finally click save share

After you have finished setting it up, choose sharing again and click on custom permissions. You will be surprised to find that allow download is checked.

Now for individual users, we can see the video Nextcloud intro.mp4 shared by Admin, which can be played normally.