Share calendar as iCal link

Is there a way to share calendars in Nextcloud as iCal link?
https://DOMAIN/index.php/apps/calendar/p/sdsdsdsdsdsdsdsds/NAME is no Ical Link.

Open the Calendar app, select the share button behind a calendar name, check the “Share as a link” box and click on the chain symbol to open the public calendar share. On top of the new window you will find a button to subscribe to the calendar. The format of the link looks like this:

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Thank you for the hint

That’s really cool, why is this hidden so deep in the UI?

With the “webcal://” link I can give (read) visibility to my family calendar on nextcloud from Office365.

Is it possible to give also “write” access, i.e. create new calendar entries out of office365 client?

No that’s not possible. Nextcloud has been designed to keep your data private and not to push it to 3rd-party companies. If you want to keep 3rd-party calendars in sync you need to use 3rd-party tools like e.g. CalDAVsynchronizer or vdirsyncer.

Nice to know. But with this feature my private calender has a public link.
OK, the link is very long, but it would be possible to get access.
Or do I missunderstood something?

Yes, that’s right. This problem has already been discussed some time ago and several issue tickets exist to address the implementation.