How to secure a shared calender by authentication?

Am i able to secure public access on a shared calender with authentication mechanism beside obscurity of not publishing the calender’s public adress?
The group-Calender should be accessed via webcal.
I didn’t find appropriate information on this till now.

Maybe there might be limitations within the webcal protocol, I don’t know.


Edit: just learned there is an issue for that - even with a workaround:

No, that’s not possible and also not planned as of now.

Do all group members have a user account?
If you have a user account an want to access any of your calendars as webcal with authentication, you can simply copy the Download link and use that as webcal.

No, this is about another issue. Its about supporting webcal feeds that require authentication, not about offering them.

No, group members do not have a user account, only the administrators for the calenders have one.
Calenders are published right now but should ideally only be viewed by a closed community.
And only those should be able to subscribe to these calenders.
So, till now, I understood, there is actually no way to reach this target, neither is there a plan to implement this.

Feel free to open a feature request at
My todo list for features to work on is already big enough, but maybe someone else will implement it :slight_smile: