Share a synced calender

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I created a new calender in Nextcloud which is connect to a Google calender. This works just fine. However the calender cannot be shared with my group in Nextcloud as the sharing button is missing for this calender. Is it somehow possible to share this calender?

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No that’s not possible. Downloading external calendars is for personal use only. Using an external tool might help you getting the data transfered to a shareable calendar:

:white_check_mark: You can download the calendar .ics file and upload the file to a file server (i.e. github, etc). it needs /file_name.ics at the end of the file extension for a subscription cal to work :grinning: .

As @j-ed said, you can’t do cal sharing inside nextcloud :frowning_face:

:calendar: I made a Denver University hockey schedule calendar and am sharing it with anyone who wants to subscribe to the calendar. Changes can be made by uploading a new updated .ics file to the file/code server. Pushes to android, iOS, Nextcloud, etc. Time zones are an issues if the .ics is used in different zones. I had to pick one time zone.

I have not tried this but maybe use group folder addon and put the .ics file in the folder. Then people in the group could upload the .ics file to their calendar…maybe

Cheers :grinning: