Setting up Monosnap with Nextcloud / WebDAV

I’m attempting to setup Monosnap, available on Windows and MacOS, to upload directly to Nextcloud via WebDAV.

  • Screen captures as png, jpeg, gif, mp4
  • Annotate images
  • Fast workflow!

My WebDAV credentials are failing in this app, but I’m able to map WebDAV to my desktop computer as a network location with no issues.


I’m connecting from an SSL encrypted domain I’ve assigned as host. Also tried the bare ip address as host with no luck.

Using WebDAV credentials supplied by Nextcloud.

For folder I’m just trying to use the default WebDAV location, nothing fancy. Any thoughts appreciated! Could find no further information for troubleshooting the issue in this application’s official documentation.

Edit: I use TOTP so one-time password was generated for Files,Activity access. Tested, and works when mapped as network drive.