Server STUN and high-performance backend server Talk


I recently installed the Talk app and I’m testing how it works.

When we start a meeting an error message appears: “could not establish a connection with at least one participant. A TURN server might be needed for your scenario. Please ask your administrator to set”.

Is it necessary to install a TURN server so that meetings can be held regularly?

Finally, for a meeting with more than 4 participants I read that it is necessary to enable the high performance engine. Is there a guide for installing on ubuntu, do I need to dedicate a separate server from Nextcloud for this installation?

Please use the search - lot of issues have been discussed already

STUN/TURN are technologies to establish connections between user without direct network connectivity e.g. in different networks behind firewalls and especially NAT. In case you have meeting participants outside your server network you likely require TURN server.

for Talk HPB you can start with e.g. Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend

Thank you for your answer. I looked at the problem indicated for Talk HPB but I don’t think it can help me at the moment.

I will use the Talk application to hold meetings with over 5 people and therefore I read that I should install and configure HPB but it is not clear to me how to do the installation, whether I should use a different server or install everything on the same server where Nextcloud resides. Please could you help me? Sorry, I’m new to the Talk app.

I provided you with required information, what did you do so far and what is the problem?

thanks for your informations. I managed to install the TURN server for the Talk app and everything seems to be working.
I indicate the guide followed so that anyone who needs can follow it
Setup turn server

I can’t find a specific installation guide for Talk HPB. Could you provide me with a guide to follow?

@wwe could you please help me with my problem?

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I’m sorry I haven’t responded anymore, I’ve been very busy with my work. I read the guide you suggested and I think the only interesting point is the link suggested as a guide for installation: GitHub - sunweaver/nextcloud-high-performance-backend-setup

Could you confirm that following this guide will be able to install the high performance server for my Nextcloud environment?

Could you suggest me a user guide to follow to install?

I don’t see any references in the official guide for this installation.


@wwe could you please help me with my problem?

sub it and you would get the answer.
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Why don’t you just test it yourself?

If you don’t feel comfortable running random scripts from the Internet, the following guide (in German) might help you get started… Nextcloud High Performance Backend v. 0.4 (Talk-App und Signaling-Server) - Carsten Rieger IT-Services

thanks for the suggestion, I followed the guide and installed the hpb server in my Nextcloud but I get 404 error. I don’t know how I can solve the problem, please can you help me?

I ran the command “./bin/signaling --config /etc/signaling/server.conf” to check if the configuration was correct and I received no error, in fact I see that it is running.

I get an error however if I insert it into my configuration “/etc/nginx/conf.d/… .conf”
upstream signaling {

I noticed this error

Can you help me?

Sorry, I’m not using it myself, and I’m not sure why the service fails to start. Maybe there are more details in the log…

journalctl -eu signaling.service

thanks for your help, I solved the problem.

However, I think this is the error that causes me to receive a 404 and I don’t understand how to resolve it