Server-side sync NC Calendar with Microsoft 365 / Exchange online

Hello Community,

does anyone know if there is a way to sync calendar data between Nextcloud and Microsoft365 / Exchange Online by server-side?
I know about the CalDavSynchronizer, but this does not fit my needs.

I like to do the following:

  • Lets say there is a User “Joe” on my self-hosted Nextcloud Instance and there is the User “Joe” on Microsoft 365.
  • Joe is using Outlook with Microsoft365 in his office, but he needs to have exactly the same calendar entrys on his Nextcloud calendar, even when Outlook is closed.
  • Joe is using the Appointment App in Nextcloud and so both calendars on Nextcloud and Exchange online need to be in synch 24/7
  • There is not only Joe who has this demand, but some of his collegues in office too.

I am looking for a soloution like a script in my Nextcloud server (NC 25.0.1 on Debian 11.5) that connects to Microsoft 365 and doing the sync for Joe and his collegues permanently in the background.

Has anyone ever done this bevor or any ideas?

Thank you very much for any input :pray:

Greeting, Flo

Same here, or is there any plugin or app in ubuntu which can sync outlook and nextcloud ?

Any option that doesn’t require using windows OS, please let us know

Is this relevant? Exchange Integration (EWS)

Hey @jtr ,

At the moment my integration module, does not support OAuth only NTLM and basic auth.

I believe basic auth has been discontinued with O365 but NTLM should work, and I will be implementing, Oauth soon. (couple weeks)

Thanks for your interest! In my app.

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In the Outlook Web Application settings, go to “Calendar” > “Shared calendars” > “Publish a calendar”.

Copy-paste the ICS link into NextCloud Calendar.

(p.s. I clicked “Reset links” after taking the screenshot, so the screenshot’s URLs are not valid.)