SeedVault backup to nextcloud does not back up


I’m using CalyxOS and SeedVault for backups on my android device (Pixel 4a) including apps, but the backup status summary says “last backup: never” and the details all read “waiting to back up…” and show the dreaded exclamation-point-in-triangle icon. When I re-choose nextcloud as backup location, I get the “initializing backup location… This may take some time” message, some spinning, and then it returns to settings with no further information.

The nextcloud app on the phone works without issue.

I should add that I am a degoogling nextcloud noob and though proficient in other OS contexts all this is pretty new to me, so if this is a dumb or duplicate request, apologies in advance.

Hi @di1342

The of the SeedVault app does not mention anywhere that it can store Backups to a remote storage like Nextcloud. It only mentions flash drives / external storage as a target for it’s backups. Unless it has native support for WebDAV or integrated functionality to connect to your Nextcloud directly, I don’t think what you are trying to achieve is going to work…

Addition: I also found this:

Either way… It would probably be best to open an issue on their GitHub page. Maybe they could give you a hint on how to work around your issue…

…maybe the problem is, that when you choose Nextcloud as a backup target, you are trying to store the backup to a location, that you are also trying to backup. But that’s just a guessing.

Thanks for the reply, I will go to SeedVault if no one here has had a similar issue and found resolution.

As far as backup storage, I believe it (and probably the issue itself) is an integration problem, and that the potential backup destinations proposed come from the phone/OS, not the app. When you choose NC as the target, it walks through a standard login/permission-granting process, so it’s working up to a point.