Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version


@wo_hayado It is about the red encircled part.


This contains the localization fix for when there’s no native translation available (buttons didn’t work because of this issue).




is it possible to replace the nextcloud logo on the left side next to the download path and the password with my own logo?
I changed the file “nextcloud-logo.png” in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Nextcloud Outlook\Resources\Images” but still have the nextcloud logo in my mails.

Is there another file I have to change?

Thanks for any help



The add-in still not work in Outlook 2010 and I try to change the registry key , but I can’t find the key :

and only have the following key , I had set the SetLanguage to EN. But still not work !



@hokaido No, branding is a enterprise feature.

@nova168168 can you try the new download provided here:

The official download page will be updated shortly.


@usselite I tried this version already !


Can you remove the NextcloudOutlookFE key? And restart Outlook?


@usselite Still not work. Can’t enable the add-in !



I’ve send you a PM for teamviewer support.


I also have the issue with connection to my nextcloud server. Please DM me so that i send you all my configurations.


Is there a limitation for uploading files? In number of files or size?
I uploaded 3 PDFs, each about 25-40 MB. Upload of all 3 successful but only 2 files where placed in the relevant folder on nextcloud.

Thanks Stefan


@hokaido No, there’s no limit to the attachment size. Can you check the Nextcloud server logs regarding to the upload? It should state a error if something happened.


@usselite: No, no errors in the nextcloud logs in the webadmin menu


Did it happen when you tried uploading it again?


Yes, I tried it several times.


Next problems is, that the plugin does not save/ remember the password to the nextcloud account. I have to enter it with every single Outlook start.

I`m using the latest 32Bit version you provided 3 days ago. Never had this problem with the old version I was using.


@hokaido does the language reset everytime or some other settings as well? Do you use any caching modules in apache? You can also enable debug mode in the add-in, upload something and send me a log by PM.


What do you mean by language reset? I did not change the language nor does it change. Having problems that not alle files that are uploaded are displayed and that I have to enter the password for the nextcloud server every time Outlook starts.

How can I debug it?


Sorry! Thought I read it in a earlier comment.

You can enable debugging with this setting, try doing things like you normally would do; upload a file, share a folder, connect with a different account or restart Outlook. You can send me the log then by PM.