Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version


It’s an add-on from a partner, not an NC in-house app. No source.


how so? i have Nextcloud 11.0.2 with LDAP integrated to Windows AD. My workstation runs Windows 10 with Office 2016 32 bit and this plugin works perfectly for me.


Very similar environment here. I’m running Windows 10 64 bit with Outlook 2016 32 bit and so far in my testing it works perfectly.


I have the same Problem as described by @blu-IT.
Everytime i try to upload a file a new folder is created in my Nextcloud (/Outlook/Upload Files/‘date’/‘some hash’/) but nothing else happens, the file is not uploaded at all and there is no share or link created…
System is Windows 10 with Outlook 2013 32bit


From my testing this is mostly related to the password policy. Earlier in Nc11 it was not possible to retrieve password policy info. In the new build I added support for this function, so password policies should work out of the box for Nc12 servers.

For now, per default the add-in generates a 6 character password which does not contain any special characters. If the generated password is not ‘better’ than the password policy requirements this will return an error, so the file upload cannot continue. This could possibly solve the current error which @blu-IT and @ccghad are experiencing.

I am planning on releasing a test build tomorrow which contains this fix, I will share it in this thread.


Same problem as described by blu_IT.
Win10 64bit with Outlook 2016 32bit:

  • no content inside the e-mail, like a link, an explanation text or something else is create
  • An upload-folder “outlook” is created inside nextcloud, but no content is shown, but the add-in said before, that the file was uploaded

Using the x86 version of the plugin


You can find a new test version here for Outlook 32 bits (x86):

Let me know if the upload issues are resolved now :).

Fix list
- Added Nc12 password policy support
- Enhanced logging 
- Fixed some gramatical issues (thanks @RiSK and @linucksrox)
- Enabled custom password function for file uploading
- Fixed some other minor issues

- Font size for other translations like German which is otherwise to large to fit in the controls.


All excited and then realised it was windows only…no mention in the announcements, as Office 2016 for mac does exist :wink:


Just installed the new Version.
Upload is now OK. :grinning:

After installation the Add-In was disabled after starting Outlook, but manualy activating the Add-In and restarting Outlook worked.


just installed the new version as well on win 7 sp1 (64) with outlook 2010 (32)…
the new version wouldn’t start… even a manual activation/restarting outlook won’t start it. errormessage: runtime-error

anyways… i still think it’s a great idea to give it out as free as a beer :o)

one suggestion allowed? would it be able to manually set the upload-directory? just to avoid having thousands of subdirectories and folders.

keep up the great work!


Did you remove the old version of the add-in first? Which version of Nextcloud server are you using?

Manually setting the upload directory is on the wish list :slight_smile: first lets make sure though we all can run the add-in…


no i didn’t remove the old version before installing the new one.
nc 11.0.3 (i had the same issues as blu_IT with the old version.



thanks for your effort and work!

I tested the new version and can confirm:

  • File upload function

Set/generate password is shown now and the upload/transmission of files is confimed via a green circle. A window inside my e-mail with a link to the NC share and PW is created.

  • Public share function

Set/generate password is shown now. A window inside my e-mail with a link to the NC share and PW is created.

BUT (I’m really sorry for that):

Folders and hashes in NC are created, but there is a corrupted/damaged file inside the folder (general access checked via webbrowser and personal login).
When following the link created with the add-in to the shares, the created passwords are not accepted in NC 12 / the share is not accesible.

My PW policy is sett to 8 characters as I submitted in my PM. I would prefer not to change these values on NC and tear down the security of my whole NC instance.

Do you need some log files for further testing?



I have Outlook 2016 x64 and this update does not seem to install. It’s like it is not there at all. I tried remove / reinstall twice.


tested and working great in 32 bit outlook.


The test version is meant for 32 bits.


Hi, thanks for making a Free edition and available to everyone.

I just installed and tried 64bit found here: and I’d like to point out two things:

  1. there’s a typo…hint, should be “otherwise be too large”…

  2. when I mouseover either “Upload files” or “Share public folder” and select either “NextcloudOutlook” or “Tell me more”, then just point to default “ Help”, nothing add-on specific.

Thanks for reading…can’t wait to try the next iteration!


ok… so i deleted both installed versions (it would be helpful if you’ll give them different version numbers since both go under version, upgraded my nc to 12.0.0 and re-installed the latest test-version on my win 7 sp 1 (64) running outlook 2010 (32).
and now it works! at least i tried the sharing.

but another thing comes up… would it be possible to have localized versions of it? like not all of my mail-addressees would be able to read und understand english. as the text around the emaild link is english (except for the password-section where it tells the user “(Kein Passwort)” - which is german (systemlanguage) for ‘no password’ :wink:

btw: as this could be a bit misunderstandable… i mean the app installed in systemlanguage. just the provided link in the email comes with an english text.


I understand what you’re saying. However, would you like to have a choice in which language it needs to be displayed? Or is the default system language sufficient?


umm. first i though well, why not only systemlanguage? but then i thought a bit forward that you’re doing this not only for me, personally but on a bigger, more global set. and then it’s clear: having a choice would be perfect. (to keep it ‘simple’ --> a choice between systemlanguage and english)… what do you think?

cheers (well… it’s too early for me to have a beer, already. i’d prefer a coffee ^^)