Secondary/.local domain painfully slow

I’ve had my NC install for roughly a year. I recently upgraded my server, which made a very significant performance difference. However, I have two separate domains: one is publicly accessible, the other is limited to my LAN (it’s an Avahi address ending in .local).

My public address works great - pretty much as fast as it can realistically get, for my mediocre upload speeds. But, those poor upload speeds are why I created my .local domain, so at home I can get the full bandwidth of my network. For whatever reason though, within the past few days (maybe since upgrading to NC27?) accessing NC and only NC is almost uselessly slow, taking a full minute to load some pages. The odd thing is, my CPU, network, and disk activity are basically doing nothing the whole time, and the nextcloud.log isn’t showing anything I haven’t seen for months (basically just complaining about Collabora, which doesn’t work on the .local address).

I don’t know what to make of this. I’d rather not stick with the public domain if I don’t have to since everything else on the local domain runs very smooth.

I think this could be related to your other post: Constant curl errors

The richdocuments apps registers the template definitions very early. A hard requirement are the collabora capabilities:

Is the issue gone with richdocuments disabled?

Hmm, the performance does improve when I disable those. It’s just strange because Collabora has never worked on my .local address and only recently has it made the performance so terrible.

So - is there a way around this? Preferably, I’d really like it if Collabora could work on both my LAN and public address but what I care more about is having it accessible from the public and to not have such terrible performance.