SAML authentication


I’m trying to configure SAML authentication in nextcloud 10, but haven’t any idea how to do this.

Could you please give me some manual or documentation about SAML app?

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This totally depends on the IdP you’re using. What do you use as server software?

Nextcloud on CentOS 7

WIndows Server 2012 r2
AD FS 3.0 with self-signed sertificates might give you a hint, as noted in said issue however ADFS is not tested against nor officially supported at the moment but should work just fine.

(that is, unless somebody maintains ADFS integration tests and code changes or is paying somebody else to do so ;-))

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I’ve seen this topic.
I have the same error: “invalid_response Not authenticated”.
I think problem in certs. I don’t know which certs should I put in fields on SAML config tab.

Further below in the issue is a description which certificates to use. For example

I’ve fixed errors.
I have one questions.
Users are creating with wrong names.
Where I can find what attributes should be sent for using as username/full name/email etc?

Please use a new topic for a new question.