Nextcloud and Microsoft ADFS

Hi Guys,
i have try to configure Microsoft ADFS as IDP for us. I used the app “user_saml”. In the newest documenation of nextcloud afs is listed as supportet.

Here my current configuration of the saml_user:

At the Moment i open the nextcloud URL and will redirected to the ADFS Login page. I entered some test credentials (Domain\username or But in all cases i get "on error occur… please contact your System Administrator.

I have already searched and found the following links:

But in both threads are missing some configuration steps for ADFS. So i try some different configurations, but it do not work. Can anyone describe which (configurations steps) in ADFS are necessary?

Nextcloud version (eg, 10.0.2): 12.0.4
PHP version (eg, 5.6): 7.1
ADFS: Windows Server 2012R2 Standard


I need to make this work too for my corp. I actually need to get started yet. If you get any further please let me know and mention me in the post. Should I stumble upon something I will post it here.

Hi Daniel,

did you find a working configuration. Please can you or anyone else describe the different settings of the sso & saml app considering Microsoft AD FS?

Moreover i want to know, if it is possible to use two different authentication mechanism simultaneously, that means for example LDAP/forms based authentication for external users and AD FS for internal users.

Does it give a detailed documentation/howto for that?