Sadly this app is no longer maintained

Sadly this app is no longer maintained. It was a great and VERY usefull app for community and collaboration, as it allowed for a seamless experience much like Sharepoint.
It was easy to create sites only available “internally” in the Nextcloud interface, using the external links app. Further you could limit access to certain groups, or make them public.

The collectives app can provide some of the same, however it is very limited in the possibilities it offers, and it is dependant on the circles app. Worse is that you cannot publish collectives pages the same way as with picocms.

I am really sad this app is dead. :frowning:

Very sad indeed, I invested a lot of time and effort into my blog, and now it doesn’t install anymore with NC27

My impression isn’t that it’s dead. More “limited developers/contributors and they’re very busy” + upstream blockers. It’s status >NC25 is tightly coupled to - I think - Pico 3.x unless one wants to take on doing changes to the older Pico base.

Take all this with a grain of salt. I’m not a current user of Pico, but I poked around a bit across the repositories.

I get, however, that in the mean time for those that aren’t able to directly assist themselves it’s a bit of a waiting game.