Russian translation for Outlook Add-in

I’ve just translated Outlook add-in to Russian language.
ru.json is here:

I don’t have the enterprise version so I can’t test all the options how they look in the interface but in the free version everything looks well.

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that seems to be meant/interesting for you, isn’t it?

thanks for your great commitment. are you already a member ofrussian transifex-group of nextcloud?

Yep! If it is alright with @Mogarych I will add the translations for a next release.

Many years ago I was there but I lost my logon credentials. Perhaps, it was even Owncloud transifex community.
Of course, that’s why I posted it here.

if you have an account with github you could use that one to sign in there… for example

I recovered my credentials :slightly_smiling_face:, my name on Transifex the same as here. I am not a member of Nextcloud yet.
Ah, found it.