Running NextCloud client on Ubuntu....asking for password


I understand this is not quite a NextCloud problem, but I am trying to resolve a problem and hoping someone had encountered/solved the problem.

I have a Ubuntu (16.04.4 LTS) Desktop that I have loaded NextCloud client. Every time the machine is rebooted and NextCloud is run, it always asks for the Ubuntu account password.

Is there a way to bypass that without compromising (too much) security?


I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 and the same problem. Every time after rebooting my notebook the client is asking for the password.

This only happens when you are installing the client via snap package. Installing via repository solves the problem.

Hey Guys @copenhaus @fume

I had the same problem with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
I solved the problem with installing gnome-keyring-daemon.

Cheers, Flavio

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I keep having this issue on xubuntu 18.04. the solution has been to install libgnome-keyring0 from the repos…

I am using the AppImage, so perhaps this library needs to be added to that.