resume feature in download and uploud

hello there,
I wanted to know is nextcloud support resume uploading and downloading feature?
I try to download 3gig file, but when my connection is closed for a sec the file began to download from the first! that was very disappointing.
Is there any configuration I should do to activate this critical feature
thanks in advance for your answers

For upload use perhaps the app “Flow Upload”.

For download do you use a browser or webdav?
Perhaps it works with a webdav-client (windows-file-explorer) or the nextcloud-app.

I want to use the next cloud APIs in my app and we have both web-based and mobile application.
now is that feature supported?
isn’t it features from the server, why you say that in WebDAV-client is working, but not in the browser?

I want know where is the real problem. Sometimes the problem can be find with using different ways.

I didn’t check web-dav, but I’ve checked browser and it is working properly.
but APIs don’t respond correctly. APIs return 500 error code.
same problem as described in Resume interupted upload with flowupload api

Sorry. No real idea. Perhaps a timeout. Perhaps you can increase some values.
How long does it take from start to break?

with APIs, It doesn’t start, immediately returns 500 error code.