Resume interupted upload with flowupload api

hi , I want to resume upload whenever my connection to server is lost , unfortunately this isn’t possible in web UI or upload REST API ( " http://usr:pass@SERVER/remote.php/dav/files/username/filename" )
so I found the app “FlowUpload” and then I could resume the uploads through web UI but when I want to use its API it gave me 500 internal server error.
According to my observation every time I resume the upload a chunk of file is created and at last it request this endpoint ( “http://SREVRE//index.php/apps/flowupload/ajax/upload.php” )
for every chunk file with the request body that contains the information about chunk size and chunk name and etc but as I said it gave me 500 when I tried to call it .
Is there any suggestion to call this or any other API for the purpose of resuming upload files ?

The Flowupload app doesn’t have a documented API, but you could open an issue on Github to see if this can be implemented somehow. The new 1.0 release is a complete rewrite of the app so maybe this could be possible.