Restoring AIO install from existing data | Docker unRAID

Due to issues with Docker and my cache drive (see here) I had to switch from using Docker with a directory to using it with the default BTRFS vDisk. I had originally used a directory due to Nextcloud AIO using volumes and storing its database and such there.

Now, obviously, with a vDisk the location of volumes has changed. I’ve been trying to locate the new location for the past two days to copy my existing data to.

How can I find the location of the volumes and copy my existing data there instead of AIO starting a new install?

I’ve asked the same question on the unRAID forums. However, this touches both communities and needs someone knowing both, so I’m trying m luck on both.

Hi, have you made a backup from the AIO interface in the past? If so, you could import it on a new aio instance directly without having to know the internal workings.

Sadly, I did not.

Due to my issue being with the drive itself, the last backup I have are the files themselves (which are backed up nightly). Even if I put the files where the old instance of AIO put, so where I’d expect AIO to find them and continue using them, AIO wants to create a new instance. All other Docker containers just work from where I left them once I have copied their original data back, but not AIO and the containers created by it (which it currently doesn’t even do due to wanting to create a new instace).