Resource management?

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Frank announced resource management for the calendar app at the Nextcloud conf this year, but I can’t find any announcement, commit message or new function in NC14. Did I get something wrong?


Hi @sualko,

did you find an answer to this question?


Resource management was integrated in the server:

If I understood correctly, this functionality is not yet exposed by the calendar app…

Have a look to

By the way, I am not sure that asking the exact same question in two different threads helps anyone…

FYI there is now a publicly available back-end for the resource booking system Georg started: GitHub - nextcloud/calendar_resource_management: Resources back-end for the Nextcloud CalDAV server

beware this is still a prototype


@ChristophWurst, what must be done that this experimental backend can be loaded as active App in a Nextcloud environment?

According to the README you have to place the files (more precise: the directory with the files) in the nextclouds/apps directory.
(see GitHub - nextcloud/calendar_resource_management: Resources back-end for the Nextcloud CalDAV server) . Did you try that already?

@fwolfst,I did not try, I found readme empty, this afternoon. :man_facepalming: I guess I manage to try tomorrow and will come back with news.

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You can try one of the releases Releases · nextcloud/calendar_resource_management · GitHub

@ChristophWurst, App Version 0.1.0 Alpha2 is installed, means I copied the unzipped files and directories into …/apps/calendar_resource_management and activated it in the Apps section of the Admin-User of my Nextcloud.
But now I find no place where I could configure the App or create Resources as an Sample room.
What is the Workaroud? Is there at least a rudimentary documentation?

Please make sure that you download the calendar_resource_management.tar.gz since everything else is just the repo.

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You have to use occ and the calendar-resource:* commands.

Documentation · Issue #4 · nextcloud/calendar_resource_management · GitHub docs are still missing.

Thank for the answer, but this workaround seems too difficult for me.