Requested URL after authentication

Hi all, I am wondering if any of you have experienced this issue…how can you achieve nextcloud to get you to a user requested URL on PicoCMS after authentication ?

If a user requests a specific url on picoCMS (different from the root nextcloud, a sub folder for instance) https://nextcloud_url/sites/xpto that needs authentication, the user, after successfully authentication, is redirected to https://nextcloud_url (root) instead of the requested URL https://nextcloud_url/sites/xpto

Is there any configuration that solves this ? To send the user to the requested URL instead of the root nextcloud url ?

I tried app order but for different users it doesn’t work, because it redirects all the users to the specified app order even if the user don’t have permissions being displayed a forbidden page.

How do you accomplish this ?
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looks like a crossposting from here

Hi JimmyKater, don’t know actually if it is doable on nextcloud or on picoCMS, that’s why I added the post here. People with picoCMS app on nextcloud should have websites private which after authentication are redirected to the nextcloud home instead of the requested website…

I’m not 100% sure whether I get you right, but after logging in you want the user to get redirected to the website he initially requested, correct? Yeah, makes sense. This would be a feature request. I’ve added it to the pull request for Pico CMS for Nextcloud v1.1, we’ll take it into consideration.

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yep that’s it :+1: Thanks for your attention

Hi PhrozenByte, is it somehow predictable that this is commited in the near future ? Any ideia when it will be available ?
Thanks for your support !
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“When it’s done” - and it was done in v1.0.14 :wink: