Renaming shared folder / update problem

When I rename an already shared folder then the folder name is only updated on my side, i.e. when I am logged in as admin. When the user I shared the folder with loggs in - their the folder still has the old name although I have changed it as admin.

Bug or feature - or inconvenience?

This problem can be solved by deleting the share of the other user and creating the share again. Then the new folder name also appears also on the client side.

OK. I may have described this kind of confusing.

I’ll try it again:

As nextcloud admin I create a folder for one of my students - let’s say “John Doe” - and and give this folder his name: John Doe.

Then I share this “John Doe” folder with student John Doe.

When I (as admin) rename this folder - e.g. to “John Doe - thesis” I would expect that a folder that I created would have the same - changed - name for the user I shared it with - however it does not.

When I look at the folder it has the (new/changed) name “John Doe - thesis”.

For the user I shared the original folder with the folder still has the “old” name “John Doe”.

Is there any way that I can trigger nextcloud to update folder names when they have been renamed?

Right now the only way is to disconnect and reconnect the share with the same user.

I have this same issue. Did you ever find the solution? Originally created a file, Corporate and renamed it to Corporate Documents. Clients through both the app and the web still show “Corporate”, although, it shows “Corporate Documents” only for me.

Same problem here. Did you find a solution for this issue?
NC 12.0.3

  • created folder named test
  • added some files/folders and shared test folder with a group
  • renamed test folder to test2.0 (I see it fine in client and names are OK in the server data folder)
  • Other users see the old name of the shared folder, so renames don’t update the folder names with shared group users :frowning:

tried to update it with

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all (or username path)

renamed folder still has old name in the users of the shared group, no update.

It’s the normal and expected behavior. Once you share something with a user he is free to rename the file or folder as he pleases. Nextcloud maintains the names separately for each user.

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That makes sense then. Thanks for the answer!!

In the future I’ll plan the shared resources not to be renamed to create a desired folder structure.

I had the same problem, I thought it’s a bug.

I think the default should be that folder renaming is synchronized with all users. Current default is confusing. (Anybody want to open a bug report? If not, I’ll try to remember to do that).

I thought it was as bug too.

I’m wondering if anyone in the community knows if theres a server level setting we can change to stop NC from maintaining individual folder names for each user.

Can someone write a bug report in nextcloud/server please? I dont have time now.

This is no bug2. It’s a design choice and the only sane way to allow users to keep their own preferred hierarchies.

If you want the same folder names for everyone don’t use normal shares, use group folders.

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Quick comment / tip. For me I needed a blend of the above so for me the solution is this in my use-case:

  1. Folder owner re-names the folder
  2. Synchronize change to NC server
  3. Log into Admin (if you aren’t) and go to directory
  4. Once confirmed new folder name is correct there, re-name the folder as desired
  5. Unshare the folder at the bottom of the triple dot hamburger menu …
  6. Re-share the directory with the same user you just un-shared in step 5
  7. Refresh the user and the new directory name appears

Thanks all hope this helps

Looks like you cannot share groupfolder with individuals (e.g., to limit editing permission just to one maintainer)

Follow up:
To date, it seems there is no way to achieve this:

  • share a folder with a group (read only)
  • share the folder with a single person acting as the editor (write permission)
  • keep folders name aligned for all the users