Share groupfolder with user (not group)

Hello @lars-becker,

Is there a way to share a group folder with a user not with a group. Because what I’m trying to achieve is a user-based access control. But i don’t want the files to be renamed (also updated etc.). Do you have a suggestion for that?

You mean with ACL’s? This is not possible. With normal sharing this is possible, but then you don’t have control over individual files locations and names.

So there is no way to do it? I want to have admins who can upload and edit files and folders in system. Regular users should be read-only. Is there any app that makes it possible?

Hmm, I don’t really understand your problem. Just put the admins in the respective user groups and configure the acl’s accordingly. If you want to give read access to everyone, you can use the everyone app and put “everyone” in the acl’s with read access.

Thank you for your reply @lars-becker. Let me clear out the situation.

I don’t want everyone to be able to reach every folder. Let’s assume there are admin1, user1, user2, and user3 in system. Only admin1 will be able to upload. He will upload folder1 and folder2. user1 will have access to folder1 and user2 and user3 will have access to folder2. Till now i can handle this by sharing folder with individuals with corresponding rights. But the problem is that when admin renames folder1 to myfolder1, user1 doesn’t see the new folder name. It still sees the folder as folder1.

I hope i explained it clearly this time. Do you have any suggestion for this scenario?

If you use the standard sharing model every user has it’s own “view” on the data, which makes perfect sense in most situations, since every user potentially has his own system for ordering things. It also makes sense because multiple people could share different files which are refered to by the same name. For example if user1 shares with you and user2 shares a different with you it would collide if there would be a shared hierarchy. Since there’s none, the file initially simply will be renamed to test (2).md and then can be renamed as the user likes it.

So you simpy can’t do what you want with the normal sharing model. But you can do it with groupfolders since the view on the data of the groupfolder is the same for everyone. So the solution is to configure the users with the groupfolder acl’s. This works exactly as you want. Have you tried it?

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Yes, GroupFolders is what I want. But the problem with groupfolder is that i can add groups who can access to folder but i can’t add individuals. I can share with individuals just like normal folders so same renaming issue occurs again. Am i wrong?

I normally don’t with with individual users; but I tested it with NC19 beta und groupfolders and I can add individual users to the acls. Which version do you use?

If you use normal shares everyone will have it’s one namespace. Only ACL’s achieve the effect you want to achieve.

By ACL do you mean enabling Advanced Permissions for GF and adding people in share panel? I was planning to use share with deadline. Is it possible with ACLs?

And when i want to add an advanced permission rule it only suggests people from the groups who has access to Folder. I can’t add someone who is not in the group?

Add the user to the group and then fine-tune his permissions: enable Advanced Permissions for the user and make it read-only…

External storage can be a solution for that. Use a smb/NFS/SFTP storage, include that for each user with his own credentials, then you can use the permission settings of the storage backend. They provide more granular settings.

This pops up from time to time, especially from companies to implement they current structures, perhaps they manage to develop such a feature into Nextcloud…