Rename a sync pair and edit the Quick Access in Windows Explorer


I have multiple nextcloud syncs set up on my Windows 10 maschine. Some are the whole cloud drive, some particular folders. I am now looking for a way to rename each syncpair (Standard: Nextcloud or the path to the synced folder).

The reason for this is that firstly it is quite important I think to know for what is this sync and secondly it would be nice to not have the shortcuts named “Nextcloud -” while “Personal Documents” would be much easier to identify in production use.

Perfect would be an edit menu for each sync, where you can adjust name, Windows Explorer-Integration caption and Windows Explorer-Icon.
I tried to edit those names in registry but it seems as those are overwritten on each change within the Nexcloud client.

Any ideas or opinions on that topic and how to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Gideon,

dont know if you already found a solution but your question was the only one I found so I would you provide my answer. Perhaps somebody could use it.

Search in the registry (Windows + R -> regedit) under
for the Folder witch you want to rename.
You can check by looking at the (Standard)-value. It sould be the same as in the sync in Nextcloud.
To stay in your example: “Nextcloud -

Remember that CLASS ID

Whit this in mind goto

You have to find out what your User had and replace that S-1-5-21-9999999999-999999999-999999999-9999.

and search for that ID found before.
In this subfolder look for the (Standard)-value and rename it by what you want.

Normaly this should take efekt whitin some seconds. But to be sure restart your computer.

This is a solution I found on my own, so I do not know how far this is supported in Nextcloud. But I had no problem so far.

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Hi thanks for this answer!

I also did this in Meantime but I’m not sure when but sometimes Nextcloud recreates those entries, so you have to do these changes a few times a month (in my case)…

It would be perfect if the client itself would support it😅

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I am looking for a similar solution.

While having multiple accounts possible is a real strength of NextCloud, not being able to customize their screen name and appearance feels like the job wasn’t quite finished.

I really hope we can have that up and running soon !

Indeed nextcloud renames these folders to the original schema on each restart

so this is not a solution unfortunately. It would be great being able to rename the folders or give them nicknames or decide whether they should appear in the shortcuts at all!

Did someone find a solution for that problem? I also have 2 different client instances, and both have a crazy name although the folders they refer to are called “Nextcloud” and “Nextcloud - Privat”…