Removing strings of old unmaintained Nextcloud version from Transifex


today I found some old strings which are not present in ‘master’ or ‘NC18’ branch.

Example: I was hunting triple dot occurences and found:

“Name or email address…”

Transifex said: Occurrences “/app/core/js/sharedialogview.js:811”

I did not found the file either the string at GitHub.

Found the string in a vue file. That brought me to the idea that this may be an old string before vue was introduced.
And here we go:

My question is now “How to remove such strings of old unmaintained Nextcloud version from Transifex?”

We have about 50 languages which are not completed at all and we should not waste resources for such old unneeded strings.

@tobiasKaminsky Can you help? Or forward this issue.

I forwarded it, as I do not have any insight into it…

Next issue would be “Will we remove deprecated resources from Transifex?”.

I would vote for it.


Should I open an issue at GitHub?
Or another topic here?
Or just be patient? :slight_smile:


any update on here?

As nobody answered, please just open up an issue on github…