Removing default files and folders

Is there any way to remove the default documents and pics folders and the default nextcloud files from the files app? I only want users to be able to see group folders in their files app.
Many thanks.

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Add 'skeletondirectory' => '', to your config.php:

Or choose an own skeleton directory with own default files/folders inside.


Thanks for the advice MichalNG.
I’ve created a directory in /usr and added the path in the config.php. I then created a new user and it still has the same folders and files.IE it hasn’t worked,
Do i need to restart apache2 or the server to apply the changes? Should the empty directory then apply to all users or just newly created ones?
Thanks again.

Apache restart should not be necessary, but worth a try.

Check that apache user (www-data) has read access to the new skeleton directory, as this is not the case by default.
Also check your nextcloud and apache log for possible syntax/wording errors.

The files of the defined skeleton directory are just copied once to newly created users, so existing users are not affected.

Ive tried what you suggested but still doesnt seem to be working.

‘skeletondiretory’ => ‘/usr/ieskeleton’,

@nextcloud:/$ ls -al /usr/ieskeleton
total 8
drwxr-xr-x 2 www-data root 4096 Oct 2 12:14 .
drwxr-xr-x 11 root root 4096 Oct 2 12:14 …

Ive tried apache restart then created a new user and still get the default files and folders.
no syntax error present in log files.

are the premissions correct above?
If so any ideas?

Yes permissions should be enough. Hmm no idea why it is not working. Did you try it with empty string as intended above? Will try it by myself later.

Ive just realised the typo:
‘skeletondiretory’ => ‘/usr/ieskeleton’
should be ‘skeletondirectory’ => ‘/usr/ieskeleton’ Missing c from directory!
Ill give it another try.

:laughing:, wondering there was no error log about it somewhere.

YES! Its works. Woohoo.
Many thanks for your help Michal You have been very helpful.
You da man.

Great to hear and a toast to copy&paste :slight_smile: