Remove "help translate" text in nextcloud


I would like to remove or hide the text that says: “Help Translate”.
only for users.

It’s in the Personal Information section.

Likewise, it is already fully translated into the language.


It’s an open source project and we’d like users to participate. Since coding is not for everyone, there are more general tasks like documentation or translations where a larger user base can contribute. Especially users will find issues with translations, since translations are never finished, strings can change or there might be better translations, and perhaps not all the apps are translated yet.

Since it is open source, you can of course change the code and remove this part. Just search the string and check in which file it is.

Please check app

With it and some custum css you can hide this sentence easily.


if you thought to use the custom css.

and use “display none”

but I don’t know what is the string of code to put.

em {

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