Remote Server Replication

Asynchronous replication is generally a pain and often a failure, but it is dead handy.

This is not a HA or standard cluster method just a simple and raw method to replicate servers.

Maybe just aimed at local Lan and public cloud replication of two servers, as I am aware the more you push this the more likely a replication conflict is likely to occur.

It would be handy to be able to use the speed of a local lan with a local server and that replicates to a cloud server, depending where you connect you gain the best speed.
Might be a distributed collection of lans replicating to a central cloud host.

Dunno :slight_smile: will let you decided.

Basically blunt simple replication with a admin / user prompted replication conflict resolution scheme.

Also might be really handy to migrate across versions and to be able to replicate an old server to new with a fresh install.

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