Installing LocalServer as a mirror of MainServer which already hosted online

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I Have MainServer already installed and hosted Online i need to install OfficeServer to be a replica of The MainServer.

So Both servers Must have same users and same activities .


1- if USER1 is connected with the MainServer and he shared a large file to USER5, USER6 and USER7 .
so if these users are connected to OfficeServer they can receive the large file from OfficeServer over LAN and the OfficeServer tells the MainServer that the Large file is already received and downloaded by USER5, USER6 and USER7 so no need to download the large file again once they are outside the office and connected to MainServer .

2- if USER5 shared an EXCEL from OfficeServer to USER1 then the USER1 Can download it and make any changes on it from MainServer.

The main request is that All activities on any server is replicated on the other one.

Note … MainServer is installed on (Webhost provider) … and OfficeServer installed on ubuntu server; both servers are using mysql database and OfficeServer has a public static IP address

The purpose of this installation is to reduce the internet bandwidth usage so the users can download all shared files via LAN - from the LocalServer.

Please help me if this possible .

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There is the concept of federated sharing: Configuring Federation Sharing — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

But it does not have a cache, the files remain on the file owner’s storage.

There are already a few topics about this:

Dear tflidd,
thanks for your reply.

in my case if i go for Federation Sharing configured on MainServer then i will need my officeServer to be online 24 hours , if it goes off then the links of the shared files will be unavailable.
users activiyies on the Federation Sharing over LAN wont be replicated on mainServer users activities.

the scenario on the bellow topic is what i need to do but its not solved yet :frowning:

How to Sync two NextCloud Server from two different site with INTERNET/VPN connection not always available?

Well, I just showed you what is available now and there is more discussion of having a feature to cache data or even mirror servers. I don’t know if someone is working on this but I wouldn’t expect a solution soon. You could use other solutions to sync data, e.g. with syncthing and then use the synchthing sync storage as external storage to Nextcloud, so you can give others access via webinterface. Such solutions with other sync software and using as third-party storage in Nextcloud is probably the closest you can get at the moment.