Reinstalled Nextcloud with selfsigned cert, now can't access via VPN

I have now also tried without certificate, running only http, but same problem there. Inside the tunnel, I can do traceroute with Fing on the FQDN and it points to the correct internal IP address. But when I try to go there in the browser, I get page cannot be found.

For a long time I have accessed my selfhosted Nextcloud using Wireguard VPN app on my Android. I establish a connection, and then the Nextcloud Android app can reach trough my firewall at home and access my NC on my LAN. This NC instance has been unsigned, http only.

Yesterday it had a serious update crash and I decided to rebuild from scratch. I reinstalled with a selfsigned cert to get rid of the “no https” warnings and gave the new instance the same IP as the old instance.

When inside my LAN, everything works just as before, syncing with the Linux/Windows desktop clients and to my Android Nextcloud app.

But when on the go, the Nextcloud app will not connect through the VPN tunnel. The tunnel works, because I can access other services inside my LAN from the outside. It’s just the Nextcloud instance that is unreachable, both via the Android app and via the browser on my phone. “Server not available”.

Does this have to do with the selfsigned certificate? Or what could be wrong?

The current instance is NC 27, the old one was NC 23.

h @pastic mobile devices are harder to troubleshoot. I would recommend you connect some desktop client to the same Wireguard VPN as your mobile - and troubleshoot there. Self-signed cert could be a problem as it’s often harder to add “custom root CA” certificate to mobile device as on desktop. Please provide client (browser) and server logs as per required support template.

Thanks for replying.
It turns out I had misconfigured the DNS lookup for the Wireguard interface… All good now.

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