Registry of sharing information

Hi, friends.

I have open a topic about working of Owncloud customgroups app in Nextcloud and @anon99252149 suggested me to use circles app instead of. My fellows compared both of them and believe now that is a good alternative, according to table below.

However, we need more some features in circles and we would like if they already are in roadmap or if we can send pull requests with our implementation proposals.

We saw that most of activities are registered by app, however when activity is related to sharing we don’t have any information.

Two sharing information that we didn’t find were:

  1. When a file is shared with a circle.
  2. When a user removes sharing of a file that was shared with a circle.

Excuse me if there are some good reason for these features are absent, but I would like to contribute for this app it is possible.

I and my fellows see some opportunities of evolution for circles app:

  1. Show circle name in details of a shared file (group user).
  2. Write auditing log for actions done by app
  3. Write activities of sharing done by app.

I wait for your guidelines.

Thank you.

@fgsl Have you checked the Circles issue tracker for open or declined feature requests and feature discussions? :wink:

Oh, no. But I will read the issues and compare them with we need. I will publish results here.
Thank you, @anon99252149.

With Circles 0.13, some hooks were added:

You can easily catch those events from your own app and generate a log file. However, all Activities regarding a Circles should be displayed in the Activities feed, with a copy by mail if requested. If something is missing, please open a bug report, or a pull request :slight_smile:

Another feature on its way about files and circles:

Regarding the details on a share, if you want to use this as a base:

Thank you, @Cult. One of my fellows saw that a little change (below) in core/js/sharedialogresharerinfoview.js allows to show circle name in details of sharing for user.

With your help we can improve that idea and submit a pull request. Great!

--- /var/www/nextcloud1203/core/js/sharedialogresharerinfoview.js    2017-09-19 21:12:28.000000000 -0300
+++ /var/www/nextcloud1203-uid/core/js/sharedialogresharerinfoview.js    2017-11-28 17:06:21.364684208 -0200
@@ -82,6 +82,15 @@
                         owner: ownerDisplayName
+            }  else if (this.model.getReshareType() === OC.Share.SHARE_TYPE_CIRCLE) {
+                sharedByText = t(
+                    'core',
+                    'Shared with you and the circle {group} by {owner}',
+                    {
+                        group: this.model.getReshareWithDisplayName(),
+                        owner: ownerDisplayName
+                    }
+                );
             }  else {
                 sharedByText = t(

Change mentioned above is already implemented by PR #5280:

Hi, friends. Thanks to your help, I got to create audit of actions enabled by configuration. I have submitted a pull request.

A screenshot about new configuration.